March 29, 2023

Next-Gen Security Coming to Retail Digital Asset Storage

Next-Gen Security Coming to Retail Digital Asset Storage

Crypto transaction specialists, Escrypto, have introduced a level of security and usability never seen before in digital asset storage. Now, both businesses and individuals can benefit from escrow, dispute resolution, prompt payment disbursement, know your customer, know your business, and anti-money laundering protocols.

Traditionally, the features and security of a digital asset are limited depending on your status. Retail investors are often unable to access institutional-grade products at a reasonable cost. To tackle one of the most pressing challenges in cryptocurrency mass adoption – security, Escrypto has moved to create systems that all parties can trust.

To gain mass-market confidence, cryptocurrency payment services, and digital asset storage providers need to conquer security. It’s about building trust with people who are skeptical of an industry known for hacking and scams. Ultimately, decentralized finance seeks to tackle the disparity and unfairness of the existing economic system, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn things from its processes.

Escrpyto Safety Features Explained

Firstly, Escrypto introduced its very own escrow services. Here, both businesses and individuals benefit from transactional transparency, and their assets are safe until both parties have fulfilled their smart contract obligations. What makes Escrpyto stand out from the crow is their in-depth dispute resolution functionality and prompt disbursement, with transaction speeds unmatched by many other providers.

Due diligence is a major element that’s been missing from cryptocurrency security. Anyone in the world can freely transact with one another with no knowledge other than a wallet address. While this is the premise of crypto, it opens the door for money laundering, fraud, scams, and hacking – all of which most people want to avoid. By introducing exciting anti-money laundering, know your business, and know your customer checks, Escrypto harnesses the positives of the traditional financial system and implements them into the crypto space.

In addition to these enhanced security features, the Miami-based company provides a range of customizable storage solutions, including hot and cold wallets. Furthermore, it is developing safety deposit box for digital assets, utilizing exclusive technology and tools usually reserved for institutional traders.

About Escrypto

Escrypto is a forward-thinking crypto payment services company and digital asset storage provider to individuals and businesses. Fully licensed/pending/ across three continents, they’re recognized on a global scale for creating safe, simple, and secure solutions that all walks of life can benefit from.

It aims to address common concerns and barriers stopping society from accepting and utilizing cryptocurrencies by providing institutional-grade security to retail investors.

To learn more about Escrypto and its mission to bring user-friendly and robust solutions and encourage mass-market adoption, visit

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