April 30, 2023

Why Choose AirGap Over Other Cold Wallets?

Why Choose AirGap Over Other Cold Wallets?

AirGap: The Latest Crypto Storage Technology

Believe it or not, cryptocurrency is still in its infancy. The youthfulness of this new financial landscape means new developments are coming thick and fast, with the AirGap wallet being one of the latest innovations to catch the eye.

In this article, we’ll dive into what is an AirGap, an AirGap wallet review, and compare it to more traditional cold storage options, with the aim of helping you understand why AirGap is the way forward in the world of self-custody cryptocurrency.

Is An AirGap Wallet A Crypto Cold Wallet?

Technically, yes, an AirGap wallet is a type of cold wallet. However, some major differences elevate the functionality of an AirGap wallet.

An AirGap is a cold wallet because it stores cryptocurrency offline, but how they’re used and the level of security they provide differ greatly.

AirGap vs. Cold Crypto Storage: What’s The Difference?

What Is AirGap?

AirGap is an open-source technology designed to make the secure storage of cryptocurrency easier and more user-friendly than other methods. It elevates the level of security by keeping private keys offline at all times, meaning the wallet itself is never connected to a network or another device.

AirGap Security vs. Cold Wallets

Security is one of the major improvements made by AirGap. If you choose a traditional cold wallet, there are points in time when it will need to be connected to the internet. For example, whenever you want to complete a transaction.

Any cryptocurrency wallet is most at risk of a hack or malicious activity when connected to the internet. While a cold wallet spends most of its life offline, those few moments online can be disastrous.

AirGap puts a barrier between the wallet and external networks or devices. It introduces companion software that partially verifies transactions or contracts without needing the physical AirGap wallet to connect to a PC or network.

Essentially, a user opens the companion software to create a transaction. This transaction is then presented as a QR code or added as a file to a MicroSD card.

From here, the user scans the QR code with their AirGap wallet or inserts the MicroSD card. The transaction is then verified and signed using the AirGap-enabled device.

Then, the QR code or the MicroSD card file is updated – completely offline – ready for the companion software to push it live in the network.

Can you see how the AirGap wallet isn’t connected to any internet, Bluetooth, or NFC-enabled device at any point?

This makes its security more impressive than that of a standard cold wallet.

AirGap Wallet Usability vs Cold Crypto Storage

AirGap technology does add a step to the process of completing a transaction. However, this doesn’t impact useability. In fact, there are a couple of reasons why you should consider an AirGap wallet as more user-friendly.

Firstly, it’s compatible with both PC and mobile devices. The majority of cold crypto storage options are only compatible with PCs. Therefore, reducing the number of devices you can use to initiate transactions. With AirGap, you can install the companion software on either device.

Furthermore, AirGap is a new release, and the fact that it is open source means the UX is fresh and functionality is constantly being updated. It’s a forward-thinking system that is receiving rave reviews.

AirGap Operating System Compatibility vs. Cold Crypto Storage

Another element that can’t be ignored is that not all cold wallets are compatible with the most popular operating systems. As mentioned, a large portion of cold wallets only works with PCs, thus ruling out any smartphone operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Furthermore, you need to do your research to discover if your chosen cold wallet is compatible with Windows, OS, Linux, or whichever operating system you’re running.

On the other hand, AirGap‘s compatibility is versatile across the most popular operating systems. This allows you to use companion software across multiple devices or switch devices should you need to.

Is An AirGap Wallet The Right Choice?

No matter the amount of cryptocurrency you hold, it’s recommended that everyone uses a cold storage wallet. However, an AirGap wallet takes everything a cold wallet offers to the next level.

If your utmost concern is security, you need a wallet that can function across multiple operating systems and want a fresh user interface – AirGap is a must.

Alternatively, if this is your first venture into crypto cold storage, there are many other acceptable alternatives to discover if it’s right for you.

In Summary

AirGap has advanced the capabilities of cold crypto storage, and it looks like it will continue to do so. With compatibility across multiple devices and operating systems, it enables more people to make the switch from hot to cold storage.

Security is the primary concern for crypto investors. This has meant user experience has often been neglected. AirGap marries the two and is creating a cold storage option suitable for the masses.

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